Why I didn’t make it to Everest Base Camp this time.

June 13, 2013 Around the WorldHiking Trekking WalkingOutdoor Adventure  2 comments


I was so reluctant to do this but I just had to.

So I picked up the phone and made the dreaded phone call to Sue Hile, owner of the Adventurous Women’s Club and organiser of my Everest Base Camp trek,...

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Gangnam Style Korean BBQ in Northbridge

June 10, 2013 Eating OutFood  2 comments


Gangnam Style!!!

Well, I didn’t expect to be seeing Psy at our dinner at Sun BBQ in Northbridge.  In fact I had already forgotten about Psy and his famous Gangnam style phenomena that he started.


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Board Game Cafe | Part 1 Sounds like fun!

May 18, 2013 Around Perth & WAEvents, Places & Fun Stuff  No comments

Myriade Cafe

Growing up …well actually I never did grow up!  I mean literally!

I don’t reach 5 foot!

Even in my highschool year book one of my friend’s “ambition” she wrote that she wanted to see “Agnes reach 5 f...

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Deliciously Raw Chocolate Banana Crumble in My Thermomix

May 13, 2013 FoodHealthyHome CookingSweetSweetsThermomix Recipes  No comments


Awwwww Yumo!!!

I seriously didn’t think I would be making something like this, but I was inspired by my curiousity to be more healthy and eat unprocessed foods, (which I have been in the last few week...

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My First Bouldering Championships

May 8, 2013 ClimbingOutdoor Adventure  2 comments

Women Climbers at Bouldering Championships

Ripped bodies, fit athletic bodies, smelly bodies,  healthy bodies, every body and a can do attitude all at the Bouldering Championships.

In my attempt to getting closer to being a  “hardcore” advent...

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