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Real Food Adventures? Yes Please! Discounts? Yes Please!

December 20, 2013 Around the WorldCultureEvents, Places & Fun StuffFood  No comments


Now you all know how much I love my food and appreciate my food!

Well,  every now and then when I flick through some of my hiking/walking/trekking magazines I see these ads for food tours.

I’ve never...

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Why I didn’t make it to Everest Base Camp this time.

June 13, 2013 Around the WorldHiking Trekking WalkingOutdoor Adventure  2 comments


I was so reluctant to do this but I just had to.

So I picked up the phone and made the dreaded phone call to Sue Hile, owner of the Adventurous Women’s Club and organiser of my Everest Base Camp trek,...

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Coming of Age Day | Japan

January 15, 2013 Around the WorldCultureEvents, Places & Fun Stuff  2 comments

coming of age day Japan

Did you know that January 14th 2013 was Coming of Age Day in Japan?

It’s a day where when you turn 20 years old you celebrate your adulthood. It’s a national holiday...

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Everest Base Camp Training | Only 89 Days to Go. Some Serious Planning Starts Today

January 9, 2013 Around the WorldEvents, Places & Fun StuffHiking Trekking WalkingOutdoor Adventure  No comments

Everest Base Camp

Only 89 days to go!!!!

I went to sleep last night at 1.45am, my mind was so active.

I had spent some of the evening catching up with some old and very dear friends of ours on skype who just had a litt...

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Seven Amazing Places to Hike Around the World

November 15, 2012 Around the WorldEvents, Places & Fun Stuff  3 comments

Hikes around the world

Where do you think are the seven great hikes around the world?

Even since I discovered my love for hiking I have never stopped looking through adventure travel magazines and travel blogs, for places l...

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