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The Night I Met Mario at Gargano in Claremont

April 12, 2013 Eating OutFood  2 comments

Aggie Meets Mario at Gargano

He came up and put his arms around me and said “how about this one for a photo?” in his Italian accent!

Our Belgian friends who now live in Perth often talk about how they miss the ambience of Eur...

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How Sweetlips Gave Me $20

April 4, 2013 Eating OutFood  No comments


We headed off to SweetLips – Fresh Seafood (Fish & Chips) in Leederville (they also have a shop in Fremantle)  for an Easter Friday fish and chips meal...

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Hainanese Chicken Rice with Condiments in my Thermomix

March 14, 2013 FoodHome CookingSavouryThermomix Recipes  8 comments

Chicken Rice Platter

If you are true South East Asian foodie then you’ll know and love your Hainanese Chicken Rice and you’ll know a good one from an ok one.

So, when I came across the Hainanese Chicken Rice recipe for m...

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Thermomix Peanut Butter Chocolate Flourless Cookies

February 14, 2013 FoodHome CookingSweetThermomix Recipes  5 comments

Peanut Butter Chocolate flourless Cookies

I love my sister in law!

She made me the most to die for cookies!  My two most favourite ingredients, peanut butter and chocolate put together in a cookie that is flour-less (I’m a little gluten int...

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How to Celebrate Chinese New Year the Cheats Way

February 11, 2013 CultureEvents, Places & Fun StuffFoodHome Cooking  2 comments

Early Chinese New Year Celebrations 2013

My brother and I were somewhat frantically driving around to find the necessary ingredients for the low hei (traditional Chinese New Year salad – that has prosperous significance) ...

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