My Travel & Urban Sketching ArtVenture Begins

December 12, 2013 Travel & Urban Sketching  No comments

TasteTravelTalk Travel Sketching

Many months ago I wrote about Travel Journal of  Different Kind,  well I have to say at the time of writing that I didn’t realise that there’s such a thing called Travel Sketching.  I have since discovered that there is a whole community of travel and urban sketchers around the world and I want to be part of that!

I have to admit I feel a little silly that I didn’t know that travel sketchers and urban sketchers existed or even more so that there’s a worldwide community.

As some of you may know since I enrolled in my drawing for non drawers workshop I have embarked on an artventure and have explored many areas of art (you can follow me on my art journey at  my Happiness Everyday blog – where I blog about health, happiness, humour and art)  but what I keep coming back to travel sketching.

TasteTravelTalk Travel & Urban Sketching

But given that I haven’t been on a holiday for about two years now (when I say that I’m actually meaning a holiday where I jump on a plane), it doesn’t mean that I can’t explore, discover and sketch my own backyard.  Which will be quite interesting, I do that anyway with food and events around Perth but to add another element to my discoveries will make my experiences richer.

I have to put a disclaimer here though,  I’m still learning and am only a beginner but here’s my starting point and I’m glad you can join me.

So follow me on my travel and urban sketching adventurers.

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