Rock Climbing in the Quarry a First for Me

December 17, 2013 ClimbingOutdoor Adventure  4 comments

TasteTravelTalk Mountain Quarry

What a day to decide to go outdoor climbing!

The predicted temperature for the day was about 40c.  Even though we head to the hills early morning it wasn’t early enough to beat the heat!


Mountain Quarry Here We Come!

TasteTravelTalk Car Convoy

We convoyed in 4 cars. Probably didn’t need that many.


TasteTravelTalk Mountain Quarry


TasteTravelTalk Mountain Quarry


I was actually quite surprised that it didn’t take that long to get there given that it was up in the hills.


Prepping for the Climb on the Hot Wall

TasteTravelTalk Outdoor climbing


TasteTravelTalk Mountain Quarry


Unfortunately, the easiest climbs were on the wall where the sun was directly shining on!  And it was pretty hot by 8am!

Thank goodness the gates were unlocked otherwise we would have had to walk in with all our gear, food and water supplies.  Not a long walk but long, when it’s hot and you have a bad ankle!

You Assumed?

I know I might have led you to think that I climbed but sorry, I didn’t this time.  So when I said it was a first time for me what I meant was, it was the first time to watch and experience outdoor climbing.

Anyway,  for starters my ankle is still healing from the fall I had whilst traversing at the climbing gym.  And secondly this outdoor climbing excursion was really for the kids.  Some of the instructors at City Summit and a regular member decided to organised a time (in their own time outside of their City Summit responsibilities) to take the kids from kids club out for an outdoor experience.

I’m very grateful that four young men in their early 20’s would wake up early on a day when they don’t have to work to take five teenagers out to climb.  It just reinforces the support and spirit in not only the climbing community but also the relationships that is  fostered at City Summit Rock Climbing Centre.

Had my ankle been better I might have climbed but I don’t have my own gear either so that also prevented me. Don’t worry you’ll see me soon climbing outdoors.  I just have to build up my confidence first.


4 comments to Rock Climbing in the Quarry a First for Me

  • Bonny  says:

    Hi Aggie,

    What a hot day for rock climbing :-O ! I think you’re brave enough heading in the opposite direction from the beach on a 40deg day, even if you didn’t end up going climbing.

    My boyfriend and several other friends of mine have gotten really into rock climbing recently, but so far I haven’t felt confident enough to go climbing with them on real cliffs outside the gym… Will have to give it a go soon.

    • aggie  says:

      Hi Bonny,
      Firstly, I just wanted to say I’m terribly sorry for my late reply, I somehow missed your message. Must be the settings here?? Too techy for me! 🙂
      And yes it was very hot!! Way too hot for my liking and so early in the morning too!
      Where abouts do you all go climbing?
      I’v been out of action lately because I injured my ankle a while back traversing then it took 3 months to heal and now I somehow injured the same foot but the ball of my foot so I can’t climb again, I can’t even walk properly! It’s quite frustrating to not be able to climb.
      Oh well I just have to watch 🙂
      Happy climbing Bonny
      Aggie 🙂

  • Rae  says:

    Looking forward to seeing you healthy enough to climb xxx Rae

    • aggie  says:

      Thanks Rae 🙂 …Hopefully in the early new year. Did Brittany end up checking out City Summit?

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