Real Food Adventures? Yes Please! Discounts? Yes Please!

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Now you all know how much I love my food and appreciate my food!

Well,  every now and then when I flick through some of my hiking/walking/trekking magazines I see these ads for food tours.

I’ve never seriously considered going on one.  But now that I’ve started travel sketching (adding another element to my travel experience) I’m thinking why not?!  I marries in well with all my passions : food, travel, culture, art and just having fun! What else do I need?



15% Off!!

Anyway,  I saw that Intrepid Travel have a 15% discount on their NEW World Food Tours…hmmmmm….( – I love a discount , who doesn’t?!) to places like :


Which one do I pick as my first trip?  How do I choose? How does a foodie choose?

There are more foodie destinations but these ones are the ones with the discount.  Asians love a discount!  🙂

So this is how I choose, my process of deduction:

  1. Which countries have I already been to? Only one….Japan!   I eat Japanese frequently. 
  2. I’m Asian for starters so, again I frequent South East Asian meals and hawker stalls. I also grew up eating things like roti paratha with curry and meals cooked in banana leaves and then we eat with our hands.  So that rules Malaysia , Sri Lanka and Cambodia out. (But that’s not to say that I’ll never go to any of these countries).
  3. I’ve never been to South America or to Europe. Unless you count the stop over in Stockholm and waiting at the airport for 2 hours a visit to Europe! – which I don’t of course.
  4. I eat and have been eating Italian food over the years off and on. And it’s part of Aussie culture to “go out” for Italian, as with Japanese, South East Asian meals too now. Having said all that, I’ve always wanted to see Ital, for its architecture, culture and people.  I could always tie in an art tour or an art retreat/workshop with my “real food” adventure.  I’m leaning towards this tour because someone I know who is well-traveled  told me that the is their favourite food tour.
  5. But eliminating Italy…..this leaves me with South America.
  6. And here’s my dilemma,  I love the idea of going to Europe but South America is so exotic and tropical. And….I have also found an artist that I would like to do a workshop with.

I don’t know now.  Any tips or hint how I can make my final decision?

2014 will mark the beginning of more travels for me and my family, so I do have to consider them too, and not all of them are foodies like me. But regardless I’m sure they will enjoy the experience of just travelling because I noticed that Intrepid’s  itinerary is not purely about food. It’s about exploring and experiencing the culture, people and places.

So if you were me which food adventure tour would you choose?



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