Board Game Cafe. Part 2. The Verdict.

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Myriade Cafe

Lots of laughs, smiles, loud yelling, pissed off grunts , frustrations and loads of FUN!!!

We went during happy hour, of course and played till after 6.30pm. Gee time does fly when you’re having fun and laughing heaps!

At happy hour you pay a certain amount and can play for as long as you want till 6.30 I think.  I didn’t pay much attention because we just wanted to play.

“Rupert” and our son started with a game of chess just to settle themselves in while I just sat and watched, wondering when I would get to play a game.  Fortunately for me I was hungry so the menu entertained me at this stage.  Not a lot on the menu. I guess because it’s not a restaurant but enough to satisfy you appetite.


Board Game Cafe Desserts

These cakes were post game playing (I think we had a Snickers cake and lemon meringue) 


I liked their approach to customer service here, being introduced to new games to try and to play. The staff seemed to have played most of the games on the shelves which was a real bonus because I hate reading instructions, so being showed how to play and the rules works well for me 🙂 .  I’m a bit of a lazy game player, well actually more of a lazy learner when it comes to playing games.



My favourite game for the afternoon was the ghost game, I can’t remember the name.  I think it was a the German name for ghost?   Extremely simple but very fast paced and loud! …just make sure that you don’t have any items on the table that can spill or break. You can see the game in the picture below in the bottom right. Just a few objects and a deck of cards with pictures of the items in different colours.  Basically all you do is grab the item that isn’t on the card that doesn’t match up to the colour on the card.  I know that this doesn’t make any sense at all, which means that you’ll just have to make your way there to play this game.

I loved this game so much that I even went home to try to buy it online.


Board Game Cafe the games

My family like playing the Woodman game as well. Again a simple game where you stack plastic parts which makes up the tree trunk and with a little plastic axe you “gently” , and I mean gently tap out a piece of the tree trunk. Of course if you tap too hard you, well, the pieces go flying across the table and the room and all over the floor.  How do I know?  for some strange reason I just couldn’t tap gently no matter how hard I tried.  And all I could hear was “Mum!!!!”  ,  “OMG you’ve done it again!!!!” ,  ” I can’t believe you can’t tap it gently! what’s wrong with you?”  and me “ahhhhhhhhh!”

It was fun and frustrating at the same time.

And of course we had to play the all time favourite Trouble!  All I remember as a child was click click, click click, click click!  The sound the “rolling” of the dice makes as you push down on the plastic dome which bends the flimsy sheet of metal that tosses the dice.


Like most cafes, restaurants and service oriented business, they all tend to have loyalty cards.  Great way to get customers back but even if there wasn’t a loyalty card I’d definitely still head back there.


I hope to see you down there some time.  Maybe at happy hour.

Oh I forgot to mention, their clientele tends to be mostly Asians,  maybe international uni students?  I don’t know.  Hubby commented on being nearly the only “whitey” there (which is a running joke in our family and not meant to offend).  Who knows maybe Asians play more board games than Caucasians! 🙂


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3 comments to Board Game Cafe. Part 2. The Verdict.

  • trekking in Nepal  says:

    The Ghost game sounds kinda fun…

    • aggie  says:

      Oh it’s heaps of fun! I’m trying to buy it for home 🙂

  • Rae Hilhorst  says:

    very funny xxx

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