Gangnam Style Korean BBQ in Northbridge

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Gangnam Style!!!

Well, I didn’t expect to be seeing Psy at our dinner at Sun BBQ in Northbridge.  In fact I had already forgotten about Psy and his famous Gangnam style phenomena that he started.

Even my 79 (soon to be 80 years old) mum knew who Psy is.  She even told us about the dance he’s famous for!!  Quite funny I thought!

We decided on Korean bbq because not only is it a healthy choice but it’s a fun social meal, bbq-ing food together at the table.  My  mum and dad both love teppanyaki and have had Korean bbq before but it had been a long while.





Quite some time ago we went to the same place for Korean bbq but it was called Hana BBQ, I’m assuming it’s new management.

Upstairs & Downstairs


Downstairs is a funky Korean cafe with board games, chairs and tables just scattered around. Upstairs is where the Korean bbq is.  I didnt realise that it was upstairs and my poor mother who has had two knee replacements and dodgy knees anyway had to make her way up the steep steps.  But I have to say when there is food involved …..she’s there!

So, we upstairs is where we were greeted by an entire Psy concert on the wall mounted TV at the end of the room,


I liked the decor because it was simple and very casual but not good when you have two elderly parents and a husband with a dodgy back , and backless seating (as you can see from the photo).  Their clientelle tended to be between 20-30s I would say.

It’s funny because my mum said that they (my wonderful elderly parents) were the only “oldies” eating here  and hubby was the only “whitey”! hehe

The Button

There’s a flattish button like device that sits on the end of each table.  We all thought it was just a promotional piece that reinforced that this restaurant is SUNBBQ.  So naturally you touch it, feel it, press it, and wonder to yourself “what the heck” it’s for and why would anyone place such a redundant piece randomly at the end of the table . Stuck on I might add!

Well, we were told after a few wait staff had attended to us that it’s the call for service button!






Ordering Confusion

I was a very confused with the ordering of the meals.  I’ve been to a few Korean bbqs before where you pay a set fee per person and select  a  set menu for the bbq. But  there was nothing like this on the menu.  There were pictures of uncooked meat nicely presented and then cooked meals to be ordered.  But asking for helping and clarification proved to be a little challenging.  I ordered two serves of spicy pork (because that’s what we’ve had in the past and we all enjoyed it), but we cooked it ourselves, and I also ordered a spicy squid and pork.  At the time I didn’t realise that this was pretty much the same dish. So in effect I ordered three serves.  When I asked the wait staff whether this would be ok on top of the other things I ordered he indicated it would be fine.

I was disappointed because he could have told me or advised me that it was pretty much the same dish and maybe make a suggestion for something else because it was clear that we didn’t have a clue what we were doing or ordering.  So naturally we didn’t finish those dishes, there was plenty of left overs.



Walking downstairs for a cup of coffee

My poor dad was feeling cold, he’s 89 and weighs only 44 kg so he has no body fat to keep him warm.  He wanted a cup of coffee but I was told by a female wait staff that there wasnt any coffee, tea or hot drinks that we could order (I think she was new).  But when I asked the same question again to the male wait staff he said I would have to purchase it downstairs in the cafe and bring it upstairs in the take away cup.  So that’s what I did.

One sachet of sugar isn’t enough!  My dad has three, yes three!

The male wait staff that served us was kind enough to go back downstairs to get two more sachets of sugar for my dad.


Would I come back?

Probably not.  I know I don’t often say that.

Not because of the service, the service was quite good, but because I didn’t really enjoy my meal as much as I have done at other Korean bbq restaurants. I felt that the choices were very limited and the atmosphere was ok. I might pop into the cafe downstairs from time to time but I think I would prefer the Korean bbq across the road.


2 comments to Gangnam Style Korean BBQ in Northbridge

  • Rae Hilhorst  says:

    I am looking to book some place for four on Saturday, doesn’t look like it will be here. xxx

    • aggie  says:

      Yes best to leave this one Rae :/

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