My First Bouldering Championships

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Women Climbers at Bouldering Championships

Ripped bodies, fit athletic bodies, smelly bodies,  healthy bodies, every body and a can do attitude all at the Bouldering Championships.

In my attempt to getting closer to being a  “hardcore” adventure and not just a spectator  I went to my very first Boudlering Championships,……as a spectator! .  Like I said before in my other posts,  I love spectating and I like to think that I am capable of doing such adventurous activities if I choose to. I figured if I watch any sport enough I will feel like I’ve actually done it and then, I will take the next step to actually do it!  🙂

So, I’m sorry to disappoint that I didnt actually partake in this particular bouldering championship other than spectating …..this time!

But what’s Bouldering?

Boudlering is a style of rock climbing that is undertaken without a rope and normally it’s limited to very short climbs over a bouldering mat (called a crash pad or padded mat) to prevent any serious injury. Typically bouldering is practiced on large natural boulders or artificial boulders in gyms and outdoor urban areas. But bouldering can also be practiced at the base of larger rock faces. A person who does bouldering is called a boulderer.

Hey here’s a fact for you, did you know that climbing on buildings or public architecture is called buildering.


Perth Bouldering Championships 2013

Bouldering Championships 2013

We arrived as climbers were signing in and the gym was only just starting to fill up.  I just love how there’s a viewing platform for spectators.

City Summit Gym View

Held in the outer suburbs of Perth,  Nigel and Damien, owners and enthusiastic climbers of City Summit hosted this event.

City Cummit Nigel and Damien

Considering that I have only climbed once (but intend to make climbing a lifestyle habit – so watch out for the transformation!! 🙂 ) I found the entire event very inspiring.

I learned how they scoring is done. What the coloured tape means and the coloured taped boxes mean.  I learned so much about technique and strategy as well.  Each coloured route has a certain value point (obviously the harder the route the higher the points). And if the boulderer gets to the designated point at first attempt then it’s called a “flash” and another extra ten points is added to the score card for that route in this particular event (and I’m not sure if other events are the same).

Damian and Nigel even had the RedBull DJ van at the event.  Pretty cool I thought. Pumping energised, upbeat  music through the gym.


Red Bull DJ at Bouldering Championships


I didnt realise that this was going to be such a big event.  I thought it was just a bunch of rock climbers climbing indoor rockfaces!

Just the buzz and their energy in the gym was amazing!

Climbers ranged from the novices to the very experienced.  It was amazing watching some of the experienced climbers with amazing flexibility, strength and agility, not only in their bodies but their finger tips to hold them up.  I assumed that they would be really buffed or ripped but not all were.  I guess having quite a few friends who are body builders I naturally made that assumption.

There were raffles and significant prizes, ranging from high quality climbing equipment to monthly and yearly memberships and more.

 Boulderer 2



Women Climbers at Bouldering Championships

City Summit 

City Summit is a great place to climb.  They not only have one of the best indoor climbing places in Perth (I’ve been to a few because our son climbs) but they have created sense of community, each time I have been there to drop our son off ,I noticed the instructors on the floor helping new and experienced climbers , and also adult climbers helping and advising kids.


Health Focused

It’s nice to be in a venue where nutrition from the kiosk isn’t just meat and pies.  instructors were walking around selling platters of toasted wraps, and samples of their freshly made booster juice.

You can see from their juice menu that this particular venue is not just about physical health but also about nutritional health too.

Drinks Menu City Summit

Why do I like Boudldering?

Like any adventure sport I like the attitude that the athletes have, not only the personal challenge that they take on but they physical challenge. But adding to that is the mental challenge and the voices you could have in your head that tells you to give up or that you cant do it and overcoming those voices.

I love the agility involved and the strength (mental and physical) required.

And the sense of team work although you climb individually.

I guess if I had to sum it up in three phrases what it is I like about not just bouldering but all adventure sports its :

Physical challenge, mental challenge and personal achievement.

But I truly think its more than just that. It’s the being around like-minded positive people with the same energy and vibe. That’s why I just love the Banff Mountain Film Festival, the people who come to the festival and the stories of adventure.



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