Board Game Cafe | Part 1 Sounds like fun!

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Myriade Cafe

Growing up …well actually I never did grow up!  I mean literally!

I don’t reach 5 foot!

Even in my highschool year book one of my friend’s “ambition” she wrote that she wanted to see “Agnes reach 5 foot”  🙂

But this post isnt about my height or lack of.  It’s about me being a kid and loving to play. I’m like  a female Peter Pan.

I love to play

I absolutely love playing  games and board games but when you grow up kind of like an only child (I say kind of like because all my siblings are much older than me and left home when I was young) there’s not many people who you can play board games with.  Although I did play Monopoly with my mum and dad quite often.

I don’t play so much because we only have three in our family and most games you need 4 or more people to play.  (ok get the violins out for me)

But we do play pick up sticks and Uno from time to time.  And sometime we play B#*%S@#T with friends.  Heaps better if you add two decks of cards and take a random card or two out.  This game gets loud and can go on forever!

Playing games is great because it’s not only social but it get you off the “devices” that so many of us are addicted or slaves to.


My favourite games as a kid

  • Kerplunk
  • Cluedo
  • Monopoly
  • Hungry Hippo
  • Pick Up Sticks
  • Mastermind
  • Charades
  • Operation (of course!)

And then the more recent ones like Pictionary, Rapidoh and Cranium, and you can’t go past Uno!


What I discovered in Northbridge

When I peered into the window, I saw two girls (well, not girls, more like young adults) playing Uno at a table.  Nothing unusual about that….except that they were both dressed in Alice in Wonderland dresses (in a light red colour) with hair that matched.  Pretty cool I thought!

We were wandering around Northbridge one evening after dinner and I stumbled upon the boardgame cafe.

It’s actually called Cafe Myriade and it’s located in Northbridge.  I think I prefer the name boardgame cafe.

You can see in the photo below as you peer into the window a group of people playing.  Looks like fun!

The cafe looks pretty relaxed and friendly and a cool place to just hangout.  Rupert said it would be a great place to come when it’s wet and cold outside.


Board Game Cafe Northbridge

Thank goodness I took this next photo because this afternoon I’m going to head over there with my family for Happy Hour!!!

I’m not sure how it all works but I’ll find out today.

Happy Hour at Board Game Cafe

What’s your favourite board game ?  Or childhood game?


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