It’s Momo Time! …..and I’m not in Nepal for this one.

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Chicken Momo

 I was meant to be in Nepal right now on my Everest Base Camp Trek.  I would have been day two into my trek but ahhh alas it was not to be this time.  But that’s another story to be told for another day.

So, my consolation of not being in Nepal was to be taken out for a Nepalese Himalayan dinner.

It seems that our dining out experience of late has been just too only order entrees. Like when we went to Gargano Ristorante & Pizzeria.

I actually prefer entrees because we get to sample more of what’s on the menu and share.  Coming from an Asian background we tend to share our meals rather than having a plate to ourselves.

Himalayan Nepalese

Beaufort Street, Ingelwood is where we ended up eating Nepalese. They have another restaurant in Victoria Park too.

Himalayan Nepalese Restuarant Beaufort Street

The décor is very simple with Nepalese lanterns scattered throughout the restaurant and pictures of Nepal hanging on the wall.  There is also a large TV mounted on the wall which plays a video of images of Himalaya places, people and culture.  A real tease for me given that I was meant to be there right now.

 Personal Service from Abdul & Bhairab

The service is excellent; we were attended to by Abdul most of the evening. And then later in the evening when his shift was over when he had to return home to his new bride,  from the front door came the owner of the restaurant Bhairab who greeted us with great hospitality. He made sure that his staff provided us with all that we needed and then disappeared off into the kitchen to work.

Just to start off

When you arrive and are seated a small serve of spicy roasted soy beans and nuts in a small bowl are placed on your table while you decide what you’ll order.  I’m not sure what this is called.

Complimentary Starters


Time to Eat

So here are the entrees that we ordered which we requested that they all be brought out together.

There is no question or doubt that an order must be placed for Chicken Momo, a steamed dumpling filled with spiced chicken mince and herbs accompanied with a sauce that I have no idea what it is, only that it taste good!

Chicken Momo King Prawn Entrees

Lollie Pop Chicken

Shredded Chicken

Fish Entrees


Five entrees was plenty for the two of us. Leaving just enough room for my dessert comparment 🙂

Now the evening wouldnt be complete if I didnt order my Nepalese dessert of mango & pistacio kulfi. It’s like condense milk ice cream, that’s the only way I can describe it’s taste and texture.  When I was a kid I absolutely loved condense milk.  Naughty I know.

Mango Pistachio Kulfi


Let me know if you’ve had a chance to visit Bhairab at one of his restaurants.


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6 comments to It’s Momo Time! …..and I’m not in Nepal for this one.

  • trekking in Nepal  says:

    That Momo looks delicious along with that chicken tandoori. Two of my favorite foods.

    • aggie  says:

      Really? 🙂 I would have to say that Momos have to be my favorite Nepalese dish

  • Queen of Bad Timing  says:

    Hi 🙂
    I’ve nominated you for the Liebster Award for blogs. Details are here:

    • aggie  says:

      Thanks 🙂

  • Rae Hilhorst  says:

    Yum, I am disappointed for you that you haven’t made your trip so far. xxx

    • aggie  says:

      Very yum 🙂

      Yes it’s disappointing but I guess it’s not meant to be now and I think the Mt Everest will still be there 😉

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