How Sweetlips Gave Me $20

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We headed off to SweetLips – Fresh Seafood (Fish & Chips) in Leederville (they also have a shop in Fremantle)  for an Easter Friday fish and chips meal.  Lucky we arrived and got a table when we did because it was about 10 mins after that, the crowds started coming in.  It was getting extremely busy!

Sweetlips Shop Front

Rupert counted 13 people working behind the counter, while he was waiting in line to order.  That’s alot of people in a smallish kitchen. They seemed to have a very organised system despite the crowds coming through.  I was most impressed at the level of organisation and friendliness of the staff.

SweetLips Leederville

I particularly like the small aquarium that sits above the seats and imbedded in the wall. Although SweetLips is a fish and chip shop it doesn’t have that strong fishy smell.  Of course it does smell fishy but it’s not overly powerful. It’s one of those cleanly kept fish and chip shops, not your around the corner local deli type ones.

They also have a loyalty program but I often forget to bring my card with me, so I now have a collection of half stamped cards!

So what did end up eating?

I felt like eating fish and chips, naturally but I knew I couldn’t eat an entire serve, but my taste buds also felt like a plate of squid tentacles.  Ever since they started serving squid tentacles many years ago with a squeeze of lemon I would often make sure I place an order, my mum gets the bigger serve.  So, given that I often have eyes bigger than belly syndrome I ordered a kid size fish and chips (which I was very happy they had)  and snack size tentacles. Being Asian I had to get my sweet chilli sauce, not tomato!

SweetLips Sweet Chilli

SweetLips is not your standard fish and chip shop either, where the sauces are limited to just tomato and tartare, they have a wide variety  of sauces to choose from, sweet chilli, and aoli are the two that I remember (because they are the ones I get!) .  And Oh!  much to Rupert’s delight they even sell slices of bread so you can make your own fish and chip butty!  (which pleases Rupert greatly, being the Englishman he is!).

SweetLips Fish and Chips

 Tweet Tweet!

So how did I get $20 from SweetLips?

Well,  I noticed that when I tweeted my Easter Friday meal pic and mentioned Sweetlips in Leederville that they were already following 999 people.  So I said to Rupert “hey if they followed me then I would be the 1000th person!” , trying to make myself feel special on twitter 🙂

I also noticed that SweetLips had retweeted my tweet about my Easter Friday meal. Pretty good for a newbie like me on twitter I thought.

So as I checked my emails later in the day on Sunday I noticed that SweetLips mentioned me and kindly offered me a $20 voucher.  I’m assuming because I was their 1000th person they were following on twitter. Very nice of them to do so.

Sweetlips Twitter mentions


In my opinion, SweetLips has to be one of the best fish and chip shops in Perth!

If you’re in Leederville or even Fremantle, pop into SweetLips for some fish and chips! ….and follow them on twitter and like them on Facebook.

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