My Everest Base Camp Training in Pictures

March 4, 2013 Around Perth & WA  2 comments

TrekTraining with Trekking Banana

I have been asked by a few people where I train I have been training for my Everest Base Camp Trek, so I decided to show in pictures.

I do all of this with my boots and 5-6kgs in my pack, together with my poles.  My intention is to wear and carry what I would be as if I were on the trek.  The only difference is that I have been training in stifling heat!

Most of what I have been doing physically has included :

  • stair and incline activities to strengthen my quads and calves
  • long hikes in the bush (for endurance and uneven terrain)
  • beach sand walking to strengthen my legs

Advice from Other Trekkers

From all the readings I have been doing and all the people I have spoken to who have done similar or the same trek have all said the same thing :

  • make sure you have strong legs
  • good cardio
  • the mindset of comfortable being uncomfortable
  • go slow (not only because of altitude but more importantly to enjoy the view and your surroundings) – after all trekking is all about ‘discovery”
  • do more strengthening and anaerobic workouts
  • cycling seems to be a common theme amongst trekkers regarding training

What Do I Eat/ Drink

  • I always have my 3L hydration pack filled
  • protein bar
  • lunch if I am going for a long time
  • nut bar snacks
  • fruit eg. apple or banana
  • this is the most important one of all for me and that’s my 1L drink bottle with 2 x Shotz tablets or Endura (this has saved me and my legs from unbearable pain and discomfort that I experienced when I first began training.  Now my body feels like it can keep going when my lazy mind says “just stop and call it a day”) .  I look mainly for magnesium in these electrolyte supplements due to my calve muscles freezing up from time to time.


Where I Train in Pictures

Craigie Bushland Stairs

TrekTraining with Trekking Banana


Reabold Hill

Reabold Hill

Kokoda Trail Kings Park  Kokoda Track Kings Park

Beach Walking

(City Beach to Scarborough; Trigg Beach to Scarborough;

Burns Beach to Mindarie)

Beach Hiking City Beach to Scarborough

Bickley Brook

Bickley Brook

These are just some of the places where I train but enjoy a good hike and exploring.


2 comments to My Everest Base Camp Training in Pictures

  • Rae Hilhorst  says:

    great pictures, I love your banana outfit. xxx

    • aggie  says:

      hahaha thanks Rae 🙂 x

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