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March 9, 2013 Events, Places & Fun StuffTravel & Urban Sketching  7 comments

Skewer Sketch

A few weekends ago I took part in a Drawing for Non-Drawers workshop at UWA Extensions as part of my training for Everest Base Camp.

Seems strange I know.  But I not only wanted to journal about my trek in a written and photographic way but wanted to express the sites and experiences I have in an artistic way.

Doing Everest Base Camp is not just about getting to base camp for me.  Its about the entire journey from the day I decided to go.  I have read and heard that altitude sickness can affect people from all backgrounds and walks of life and some dont even make it to base camp.  I really dont mind if I dont make it due to altitude sickness, my philosphy is that “everything happens for a reason and the experiences I am meant to have I will have”.  So given that the Himalayas is such a spiritual region I thought I would like to take time out on rest days to sketch and draw “my version” of what I see and experience.  Of course dont expect any Rembrants or Mona Lisas here, after all I have only done one drawing class.

I guess it would be somewhat like an art journal of my trek.

If you are curious to see what you could be possibly looking in my art journal here are some of my drawings from my Sunday drawing for non drawers workshop.

One of the most interesting things I found in doing the workshop was that each time we were instructed to draw I would naturally pick up my drawing implement with my left hand.  So what’s so special about that? Well, Im right handed.  But I began to sketch and draw.  And it felt very comfortable and natural for me. I guess that must be the right brain left brain thing 🙂

Oh by the way, the tape you see around my drawings, once removed gives the picture a nice boarder.

 My very first charcoal and drawing (just in case you dont know, its a drawing of a mountain and the ocean). Charcoal Mountain and Lake First Sketch

Our second drawing we learnt how to draw a tree with charcoal.  I’m quite proud of this one, it looks like a gumtree. Charcoal Tree second Sketch

I started this one in pencil (coloured) but ended up using pastels.  Not too bad for a non drawer! Pastels and charcoal are great for beginners like me to cover up any mistakes and make the drawing look somewhat decent 🙂Pencil and Pastels

I really enjoyed this media, we wet the paper initially then with a skewer we dipped it in paint and drew with the colour running. I felt like I was doing a bit of calligraphy.Skewer Sketch

This form of art work is called zentagles,  you may have seen this style before.  I really enjoyed this.  I found it very relaxing and it really kept me present, in the moment and focused. A great way to destress.  Not long after this workshop I decided to begin a 30 day Zentanlge project , click here to have a look.

Zentagles Umbrella

And this is my final drawing in charcoal. I’m extremely proud of this one because it looks like something…and I actually think it looks very impressive , again for a first timer and non drawer.

 Charcoal last sketch

I hope I have inspired you to try something different next time you go travelling or decide to journal your experiences.

7 comments to My Travel Journal of a Different Kind

  • Debi Riley  says:

    your zentangle is just outstanding, really love it, my fav. the charcoal gum tree is also very lovely! those 2 are favs, but I like the other images you did too, they look quite nice. well done.

    • aggie  says:

      Thank you Debi!! You’re a fantastic teacher!! 🙂

  • Big sis  says:

    You have hidden talent <3
    Keep up the great works!

  • Ming  says:

    Very proud of u & ur first time drawings are amazing esp the last one

    • aggie  says:

      Thank you Ming. I surprised myself :))

  • Rae  says:

    Very impressive, you are very clever,they are great. No way would I have attempted the drawing. Looking forward to hearing about your trek. xxx Rae

    • aggie  says:

      Thanks Rae 🙂

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