How to Celebrate Chinese New Year the Cheats Way

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Early Chinese New Year Celebrations 2013

My brother and I were somewhat frantically driving around to find the necessary ingredients for the low hei (traditional Chinese New Year salad – that has prosperous significance) .  We were reading off a scrap bit of paper that I had written on.

No, we didn’t know it off by heart, that’s why I had it all written down.  I even had to google the recipe….shameful I know.   My brother is a banana too but less of one than me.  At least he speaks the language and is married to a Chinese!

So, we had raced around finding some ingredients and also discussing substitutes but at our final destination, Kongs, the local Chinese shop and the shop owner, Alec, asked what we were looking for, I explained and he said, as he gestured to a box in his Singaporean/Malaysian/Australian accent “why don’t you just buy that? its easier lah, aiyah” . Got to love Singlish.

What THAT was , was a lo hei KIT! Can you believe it a KIT!  How convenient is it now to celebrate Chinese New Year?! Chinese New Year Cheaters!

Lo Hei Kit

Only 2 secs had passed and we grabbed the kit. I had already bought the ingredients for the steam boat (kind of like a Chinese fondue but in the soup form and a lot more healthier).  Again, I kind of cheated, I bought items that were already prepared and sliced from Emma’s Seafood Yong To fu groccery in Northbridge (this is my favourite Asian groccery store because of its variety and size). Its hard work you know actually doing it properly. I have done it many times before.

You can see from my picture that it was an evening of feasting!

Early Chinese New Year Celebrations 2013

Tossing the Lo Hei

Firstly tossing up the lo hei . this gets really messy because, as instructed by my Chinese sister in law , everyone gets their chopsticks and mixes the salad ingredients lifting it higher and higher whilst calling out various celebratory greetings and wishes and welcoming prosperity to all.  The higher the better but ahhhhh the mess!! . I love customs they’re heaps of fun!.  Each ingredient has a significance, but being a banana I don’t know the significance, sorry, you’ll have to google that one. But what I do know is that raw salmon is also included in the dish, however on this occasion we placed it on the side because we had a pregnant niece and a vegetarian.

The salad dish is one of the key dishes in celebrating Chinese new year, especially on Chinese New Year eve.  The eve of Chinese New Year is more important than the day. We have a reunion dinner, where all the family come together to welcome in the new year.

So, the tossing began, greetings and well wishes being yelled out whilst chopsticks flung strings of carrots, radish, papaya, ginger , crushed nuts, crispy noodle like chips, The table got pretty messy with everyone reaching in and throwing food up in the air. In the midst of all this celebration toss, my sister in law said to me “did you put in the dressing?” …ahhhhhhhhhh!!  I forgot!  Oh well, more tossing!!  I mean the table was a mess already who cares?!

By the end of the evening everyone was nursing their food babies, our stomachs were so full.  Chinese New Year is celebrated for about two weeks of mainly feasting and but also visiting friends and family and putting on weight 🙂 , but that’s ok too because being fat is a sign of prosperity to the Chinese.

So if you have an opportunity to get yourself out to a Chinese Restaurant and find out when they have their lion dance to welcome in the new year and to bring in prosperity, or visit some Chinese friends.  Or make some Chinese friends!

Gong Hei Fatt Choy!!!


2 comments to How to Celebrate Chinese New Year the Cheats Way

  • Rae Hilhorst  says:

    I love that your brother is a banana, can speak Chinese, and is married to a Chinese girl. I especially love the Singlish. I can’t believe you are such a cheat, not that you are a cheat, you are just time poor. xxxx Rae

    • aggie  says:

      hehe I know Rae I have to cheat on somethings 🙂 …I’m not completely Chinese after all haha

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