Everest Base Camp Training | Only 89 Days to Go. Some Serious Planning Starts Today

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Everest Base Camp

Only 89 days to go!!!!

I went to sleep last night at 1.45am, my mind was so active.

I had spent some of the evening catching up with some old and very dear friends of ours on skype who just had a little baby boy.  We were chatting about my impending trek to Everest Base Camp.  Both, were very excited for me but Kate thought I was a little crazy.  You see Kate and Andrew (or CanDoAndrew) trekked through Nepal and knows how hard it can be. And Andrew being an adventure sport enthusiast and a personal trainer……well……what can I say, he knew what I had to do to prepare.

Suffice to say as a result of that conversation, it woke me up to realise that the trek was only around the corner, and although I have been training I haven’t really had much structure in my training. Not to mention that I have been very slack for the past two to three weeks due to the festive season and most likely put on some unnecessary and definitely unwanted kilos. So, hence I stayed up till 1.45am reading about my trek and began some pre-planning.

I got my diary out and counted down the days and realised that there are only 89 days till I leave.  And this time is going to fly by.

So I promptly decided that I was going to spend today planning a more structured training program to incorporate more:

  • cardiovascular fitness training
  • strength and resistance training
  • endurance training
  • and detailing where I’m going to be training

I actually began training several months ago, as I mentioned, just to get active again.  I had spent a lot of my time over the past year in 2011 and 2012 sedentary.  And I haven’t been as active as I have been in the past. So you can imagine my level of fitness was pretty low.  However, my training wasn’t really structured. But this was a good start because I learned quite a few things about myself and my body and what I needed to get sorted out before the trek.

Come virtual trekking to Everest Base Camp with me.

 EBC Jumping for Joy Fun

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