Seven Amazing Places to Hike Around the World

November 15, 2012 Around the WorldEvents, Places & Fun Stuff  3 comments

Hikes around the world

Where do you think are the seven great hikes around the world?

Even since I discovered my love for hiking I have never stopped looking through adventure travel magazines and travel blogs, for places locally and across the globe to hike.

Naturally, I could easily spend the rest of my like just hiking the globe, meeting people, experiencing cultures and tasting food,  however I do have commitments and responsibilities as do most of us. But that doesnt mean I cant start my World Hiking Bucket List, right?

So, once I saw these photos of the seven most amazing places to hike in the world, I added them to my list.  They are just breath taking and the experience would be absolutely amazing.

Which places have you hiked to that are as breath taking as these seven places?

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3 comments to Seven Amazing Places to Hike Around the World

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