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Roof Top Movies Perth

Roof Top Movies in Perth

I have always enjoyed outdoor movies but I haven’t had a chance to check out the Roof Top Movies in Northbridge as yet.  Every year we’ve been meaning to go and each year we forget….only because there’s so much going on in Perth now!

On the weekend,  we decided to take the lift in the James Street carpark to level 7 and check it out.  I managed to sneak some pics whilst it was closed and barricaded.  It looks pretty funky and fun!

What’s Up on the Roof Top, Movies?

Old style caravans selling light snacks and drinks, and another that projects the movie. Deck chairs for seating, palm trees and synthetic grass for a bit of life in the concrete jungle, and panoramic views of Perth’s city skyline. Screening old-school movies, cult and arthouse films. Check out the program here.

On December 1st at 8pm the Roof Top Movies is screening the good ole Caddyshack! I remembered watching this when I was younger.  Absolutely absurd and ridiculous but great mindless comedy and escapism! ….and where Bill Murray obsesses over a dancing gopher!

What and where to eat?

I heard that you can order pizzas from Valentino’s (the blue coloured restaurant on the corner of Lake and James street) that gets delivered to you.

But having said that there is a multitude of eating places down stairs to chose from, if your feeling like a bit of naughty delights, you can indulge in some Spanish donuts at San Churros, or maybe some Vietnamese at Saigon Cafe & Noodle (not my favourite but not too bad, it wouldn’t be my first choice), some beautiful Italian, Mexican and Indian restaurants on Lake Street and James Street. And if you want cheap and cheery, and you aren’t too concerned about what you eat,  you can always head down below the Roof Top Movies to the Old Shanghai Food Court .

When are the Roof Top Movies on?

The Roof Top Movies opened on the 18th October and will continue till April 2013.  Apparently they screen movies every evening, providing the weather is good.

You can pre book your tickets or even get season pass. The Roof Top movies is brought to us by the producers of the Fringe World Festival.

What movie are you going to watch this weekend at the Roof Top Movies?


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