Mango King & Nutella Crepes at Icey Ice

November 28, 2012 FoodSweets  5 comments


Summer Time Equals Mango King & Nutella Crepes

Every now and then I like to treat my taste buds to a mango king or a nutella, crushed nuts and peanut butter crepe, so I’ll suggest that after dinner we head down to Icey Ice on William Street, Northbridge.  I think it’s an Australian franchise with Asian influences. Fortunate for me, Northbridge isn’t too far away.

When you enter the doors of Icey Ice you feel like you’ve stepped into an igloo. There are large snowflake like structures that juts out of the walls and the blue penguin plush mascot that sits in the corner.  Blue but sometimes a light fluoro yellow light illuminates the place, and the air-conditioning setting is often on the cool side.  A very fresh and refreshing feel.

So back to my mango king and nutella crepe, well if you like snow cones, this is 100 times better.  The ice is shaved so finely like its snow, and it’s not just plain ice with syrup drizzled over; I think they freeze actual mango juice.  And when in season the dessert is served up with fresh mango.  My favourite fruit.The texture is so soft and fluffy its like eating aerated flavoured ice but tastier.

As for the nutella and crushed nuts crepe, well it speaks for itself, but I like to add peanut butter to it.  Apparently the strawberries and chocolate is also a winner.

Of course this is extremely indulgent and its not something I do very often, but lucky or not lucky for me Icey Ice is located rather close to where I live.

There are so much more on the menu to tantalise your taste buds, they even have savoury crepes and Asian tonic desserts,  but I always alternate between my nutella crepe and mango king. It can be rather addictive.  Im not sure if they have a loyalty program, but if they do I think I’m due for at least 5 freebies!  🙂

If you are ever at the Subiaco Station Street markets there is also an Icey Ice there, very handy after you’ve done your fruit and veggie shopping.


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5 comments to Mango King & Nutella Crepes at Icey Ice

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  • Amanda Kendle  says:

    YUM!! These sound DIVINE. Must try.

    Speaking of crepes loyalty programs, I often buy crepes from Wholey Crepe at the Stirling Farmers Markets; they began a loyalty program recently and I was apparently only the second person to fill up my card and get a freebie. Oops. I have cut back my crepe eating to more reasonable levels now 😉

    • aggie  says:

      Mmmmm that sounds like a loyalty program I want to be part of! I haven’t been to the Stirling Markets yet. I will make it my crepe quest to visit the Stirling Markets 🙂
      Aggie 🙂

  • Rae Hilhorst  says:

    Yum!!!! I am now hungry, sweets are my downfall. Rae xx

    • aggie  says:

      Sweets are definitely MY downfall! I hope you make a trip to Icey Ice and let me know what you try because I tend to stick with my favourites Mango King and Nutella Crepes!
      Aggie 🙂

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