The Happy Wife in East Bunbury

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Happy-Wife- Bunbury

Yes the saying is true “Happy Wife, Happy Life!”

The Happy Wife in East Bunbury is where I had lunch with my very good friend Michelle, whom I haven’t seen in about eight months.
You see Michelle moved to the Solomon Islands to work in a volunteering role as a Project Officer for two years.  I have to tell you that Michelle is an amazingly inspiring woman. With three children, two young and one young adult, she went back to school and graduated with a Masters in Community Development and is currently a PhD student. When Michelle decided that she wanted to pursue her career and dream of working in a community project overseas, her husband supported her without question or hesitation.  His attitude was “Michelle has followed and supported me in my career for the last 20 years, so now its time to give back” .  What a wonderful unselfish gesture.

Looking at Michelle you wouldn’t think that she has an adult son, but she does!  It’s probably because she lives her life being true to herself, family and friends……and of course she does like to laugh a lot too!

Getting back to the cafe, the meals were reasonably price and extremely tasty.  We both had the pumpkin and goat cheese tart with apple, rocket, Parmesan salad with roasted slithers of garlic. It was so good that I forgot to take a pic for you.  After, that I had a slice of pecan pie with fresh cream and ice cream!  ……Of course I didn’t need it ….but I sure did want it!!  ……and it was good!!

We sat in the front of the cafe but the back of the cafe over looks the river which is absolutely beautiful and serene.

Michelle is a Happy Wife and Brin (her husband) leads a happy life!!

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