Volvo Loving Belgians

July 17, 2012 Culture  9 comments

Tweed Cap

So our very dear and newly migrated Belgian friends who are new to Australia, needed to buy a car.  They had needed one for a long while but had merely used public transport to get around.  One day I got a very excited text message from my friend saying that they had finally bought themselves a car and its a “really good” car!

Well, now I’m not sure if its an Australian thing but no one wants a Volvo!  Not because they’re not good cars, I’m sure the opposite is true. But there’s a stigma attached to anyone owning a Volvo. So, here it is, a Volvo driver is generally described as a driver who sits very very close to the steering wheel (almost like they are learning to drive for the first time), both hands gripping tightly to the top of the steering wheel with their head pitched forward, like how a pigeon moves its head whilst walking. They are usually a mature aged gentleman, wearing a old tweed style cap and has extremely bad driving ability and awareness, almost in an overly cautious manner. The most common phrase used amongst drivers in Australia if there’s a slow driver ahead, an accident, or someone causing a traffic jam is “it must be a Volvo driver!”  …..and often that IS the case I’m sorry to say. I guess it’s a bit of a running joke really.

A Typical Volvo Driver’s Cap

So, as I was explaining all this to our dear Belgians they couldn’t believe nor understand or comprehend what I was saying because, of course in Belgium Volvo’s are common like Toyota’s and are highly sought after (or so I  was told).  What was amusing was that as time passed, and each encounter they had with other Aussies, and some being business associates they got the same run down about Volvo drivers from them as they did from me!  …And still they couldn’t believe what they were hearing but they would laugh about it. 

So anyway, this time I received a picture message on my phone from my Belgian buddy of an SUV Volvo….the text below said “hey! I saw an Asian driving a Volvo!”. My response was “well of course, they’re not an Aussie Asian so they don’t have any idea!”

One of the Belgians with their beloved,
now passed on Volvo

Sufficed to say their white Volvo only lasted them a few months , and yes,…… ahhh (sigh) they got themselves another Volvo!! ..well, they’re Belgians afterall!…but we love our Belgian Buddies 🙂

So next time you are out driving see if you notice the stereotypical “Volvo Driver!” 

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9 comments to Volvo Loving Belgians

  • Anonymous  says:

    Finally I've got proof to show my fellow Belgians how Ozzies think about Volvo. And Toyota's. Which is as hilarious.

  • Agnes Lim  says:

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  • Lee De Coster  says:

    yes i agree, volvo drivers are the scourge of humanity and should be regarded with caution

    • Agnes Lim  says:

      …and Lee, hmmmm “scourge of humanity”! thats rather harsh! …But I have to agree about regarding them with “caution”! lol

  • MultiMediaMakers  says:

    Hahahahaha: “of course in Belgium Volvo's are common like Toyota's and are highly sought after.” So not true. I mean, the part about Toyota. 🙂

    • Agnes Lim  says:

      Well, Els you have to admit Toyotas are reliable though 😉

    • Angela Tsang  says:

      Lol…. happy to ride with you anytime Els!

  • Amanda Kendle  says:

    Ha ha this is great – I have had the same conversations with my (German) husband. Thankfully he doesn't really want a Volvo. He is however a big fan of Mercedes and that doesn't have quite the right reputation here that would fit us either – so far we're not rich enough either so fingers crossed we never are!

    • Agnes Lim  says:

      What a relief Amanda! … You may have to consider a separation if he begins to think about getting one! lol

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