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July 15, 2012 Eating OutFood  3 comments

Spice Express

In my never ending quest to find delicious authentic hawker food I was fortunate enough to meet someone at the local dog park who is also a foodie and recommended Spice Express in Melville.  Well, of course as a dutiful Singaporean Chinese daughter, I took my parents out for lunch there.

I have to say we were more than pleasantly satisfied and satiated. Spice Express is a little take away place with some basic chairs and tables, where customers are likely to share a table.  To be honest I’m not overly fussed on the aesthetics or decor of a place, as long as the food is authentic and has the perfect aroma then I’m happy and so are my taste buds.

We shared 4 dishes :
Mee Siam
Nasi Lemak
Nasi Briyani
Fried Chicken Wings

..and of course my parents had their “kopi su su ” …or otherwise known as Singaporean style milk coffee with condensed milk …mmm..I love condensed milk!!

All of this only cost us about $34.  Right price 😉

The owners were from Singapore and obviously understood how food should taste.  Hence, the authenticity.

So, If you ever have a craving for this style of cuisine I’d highly recommend it. You know I may even take my “egg” Polish/Croatian girlfriend out for lunch there. I would definitely score a lot of brownie points if I did!


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3 comments to Spice Express | Delicious Singaporean Hawker Meals

  • Agnes Lim  says:

    I think both you and Ming will have to starve yourselves before you head over in here!….or maybe grow some extra stomachs!! 🙂 There's so many places to try out.

  • Anonymous  says:

    Ok add that to the list of places to take us during our next visit pls. Up for d'lish S'porean/Malay food ANYTIME!

  • Ming  says:

    Can't wait to savor the authenticity of Singaporean / Malaysian cuisine in Oz.

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