Going out for English

July 24, 2012 Culture  No comments

Goodness-Gracious-Me-Going -Out -for -English
I went walking with my Indian English buddy, his accent is the very refined type of English, where you can hear each letter of every word.
Just imagine a tall robust Indian man with a goatee, but when he opens his mouth to speak and if you closed your eyes, you would imagine he was a tall Anglo gentleman in typical English attire.  Having said that he does an very good Indian impersonation with gestures and all. You know what I mean, wobbling head and the hand movement.
On our walks we often talk about how similar our cultures are, especially when it comes to eating out and the cultural idiosyncrasies. Because, as you may or not be aware….Asian culture and social gatherings centres around food, food and more food! ….funnily enough there’s a restaurant here named “Two Fat Indians“.  Quite nice too!
Anyway, he reminded of this sitcom we used to watch as kids which depicts a reverse stereotypical dinner night out with some Indians “going out for English“.
I love this sketch.  I hope you laugh as much as I did!

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